Photo Booth Reunion and Other Fun Ideas

Spring has sprung and there’s no better time to get all your family and friends from near and far together for a good old fashioned reunion. Need some tips on planning and making your event a total success? Try these ideas for a guaranteed good time for everyone!

Dallas-Fort Worth Photo Booth Rental
Your guests won’t have to worry about carrying around their own cameras when they can take a turn in a Dallas-Fort Worth photo booth rental. Snapshot Pod™ photo booth rental provides photo lab-quality prints in just seconds and are super easy to use. Guests can follow the voice-guided or on-screen instructions on the booth’s touch screen monitor. And for an extra-personal touch, add a customized border to your prints or let guests jazz up their own photos with borders, stamps or artwork with multiple picture modes.

Personalized Name Tags
Instead of using boring, plain name tags, ask your guests to send photos of themselves ahead of time along with their rsvp card. Add each guest’s name along with an interesting “fun fact” for an attractive and interesting name tag. Don’t forget to laminate it so it will last the whole weekend and there won’t be any crying over spilled wine!

Recipe Book
Ask guests to submit their favorite recipe ahead of time and compile all the recipes into a book that can be given away at your reunion. The recipe book can be divided up traditionally into categories like appetizers, main dishes and desserts, or a more fun approach, make dividers based on the region of the country they come from (Midwest, New England, Down South) or grouped by family member title (Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents).

Reunion Newsletter
All of the guests at your reunion will surely enjoy catching up and mingling, but there’s only so much time in a weekend. To help keep everyone informed on the goings-on with everyonne, produce a newsletter to be handed out the first day of the reunion. Have fun with catchy headlines and “breaking news” and be sure to mention important milestones like upcoming birthdays and anniversaries or memorials for family members or friends who have recently passed away.

Care Packages
Give guests a gift that is both useful and fun by giving out “care packages” when they arrive. The packages can include essentials like sunscreen, bug spray, Kleenex, mints, bottled water, candy bars and band aids. Personalize the gift to match the event’s theme, by putting everything in a backpack for a class reunion or other fun container.

Whether it’s using a photo booth rental, designing a newsletter or giving out goodies, remember to keep it fun and make it special. Reunions are all about spending quality time with those you love and cherish the most!

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